Advanced Smokabox

€35 €45

Items inside:  19 + bonus gifts 

Over 50 worth of goods inside a 35 box*!

Have all the basic shit? Then this is for you. Multiple sets of rolling supplies including flavored papers as well as blunt wraps so that you can forget about buying those for a while. Includes either an engraved wooden pipe or a glass pipe. A large rolling tray, a large metal four-piece grinder, glass ashtray, as well as several medium and small accessories. By ordering this you also have a chance*** at receiving a quality upgrade on one of the items in the box. This can include items such as a marble grinder, glass elephant pipe, exclusive RAW glass ashtrays and more. See 'What's in a Smokabox?' for more details.

*The price does not include the VAT collected on it

**The products you see in the images may not necessarily be what you receive. We do our best to keep our customers satisfied with a range of products that gets updated so that you don’t ever receive the same items twice. Accessories may vary as well as designs. The value difference between the same type of boxes is minimal.

*** You are automatically drawn to receive an upgrade on one of the items in the box. We have additionally ordered limited amounts of unique branded items so that you could get even more value out of your purchase. You have a 25% chance at receiving one of these items. This offer only applies to the Advanced Smokabox.