We at Smokabox know that everyone has their own smoking routine and we’re here to make it even more unique. Our boxes contain a wide range of equipment and accessories to add to your own smoking experience. Regardless of how much you smoke, the provided gear will make it a smoother and more enjoyable process. For the occasional smokers out there you’ll get everything you need and more for an incredible price.

  • Selected items from the biggest brands in the industry, below retail price.
  • Unique products and diverse item selection to make sure you don’t receive the same thing twice
  • Discover new and interesting items to improve your overall experience.
  • Smokabox can be that perfect gift for your friend, a nice treat for yourself or just a resupply and upgrade on all the equipment you need for smoking.
  • We encourage safer smoking. Each box comes with charcoal filters that can be used instead of paper tips. We also plan to soon be able to provide tobacco substitute and hemp wick; to be used for lighting up as an alternative to lighters which use butane and propane gas.


Hear what our customers have to say




Received way more than expected and the items were all very nice. I woudld want to see some some custom options for the boxes so you can choose what you need more. Would recommend!

Lieke B



Got this for a friends brithday and she was super happy with it!

Brahm Maes



Fast delivery and nice prices. I really liked the special papers and tips I dont usually find this in typical smartshops. Would love to see some bong