Papers & Tips 

The essentials come with every one of our products. We’ve selected only the best brands and special edition items for you to enjoy. We will over also offer exclusive booklets with papers and tips that can make the smoking experience more convenient. Our boxes additionally come with flavored papers and blunt wraps for those special occasions.  



We hate seeing people still use plastic grinders or struggle with barley visible ones. The Smokabox contains four part metal or wooden grinders and we’ve selected only the best designs. The Advanced Smokabox contains even larger and more unique grinders, with the additional chance of receiving an even further upgraded grinder that’ll change your rolling experience.  


Pipes might not be people’s must  preferred method of smoking, but having that convenient option especially when paired with one of our selected designs will be a nice alternative. The Smokabox contains either an elegantly designed Champ High metal pipe or one of our many glass designs. The Advanced Smokabox packs - you guessed it - even bigger, thicker and more detailed designs. With the Advanced box you may also find exclusive designs such as the elephant or monster pipes.  



One of the most important and underappreciated items in the gear set. A tray saves you a mess and serves multiple purposes. We’ve only picked designs we’d want ourselves and are pretty envious about sending them out. The Smokabox and Advanced Smokabox both pack trays with only the size and few designs differing. In the Advanced Smokabox you may be lucky enough to find a V-Syndicate tray, or the magnetic and semi detachable trays.  



One can never have enough ashtrays, especially when they come in the designs we offer. A Smokabox packs a metal ashtray whilst the Advanced box contains a glass one or one of our unique item upgrades, such as a glass V-Syndicate ashtray or the ceramic Champ High prescription box design.  



The biggest mystery aspect of our boxes are the accessories. Each package contains some in differing quantities. See individual products for exact details. We’ve split our accessories into two categories - medium and small. Small accessories can be; joint holders, pipe screens, zip-lock bags, pocket ashtrays, bamboo trays, pen cones, pipe cleaners and charcoal filters. As a medium accessory you can find; glass jars, portable tray pouches, metal tin holder cases, RAW key chain, rolling cradle or a cigarette stash. If you aren’t familiar with some of these items and their uses that’s cool, we want you to discover something new and unique :) . 


Item Upgrades 

Throughout these descriptions we’ve mentioned item upgrades, these are only applicable for those purchasing the Advanced Smokabox. We’ve set as our objective to provide you with the most value possible whilst keeping the prices down.  As an additional bonus for those getting our biggest box we want to give you a chance to get even more than what you payed for. We have therefore also purchased limited amounts of more expensive and exclusive items for you to get a chance to enjoy!  


Hear what our customers have to say




Received way more than expected and the items were all very nice. I woudld want to see some some custom options for the boxes so you can choose what you need more. Would recommend!

Lieke B



Got this for a friends brithday and she was super happy with it!

Brahm Maes



Fast delivery and nice prices. I really liked the special papers and tips I dont usually find this in typical smartshops. Would love to see some bong